TALISMAN® Rentals sponsored the Mountain Goat Adventures 2019 Blankets Creek Spring Thaw Trail Run Series which was held at Blankets Creek Park in Canton, GA. The race offered a 10 mile, and 4-mile trail run where more than 270 runners were in attendance. There was even a ½ mile kid’s aged 10 and under race! The next event will be on April 20 which includes a trail run and mountain bike race, also at Blankets Creek. Congratulations to all the participants and category winners!Read More →


Recently, TALISMAN® Rentals attended ARA’s Rental show with an eye toward what’s new and different in the tool rental industry. This year we noticed a definite increase in the number of cordless power equipment exhibitors due to new and improved lithium-ion battery technology. This has created a diverse offering of long-lasting and long running tools that often can compete with the power corded tools. There is a safety element to cordless power equipment that is not always obvious. While on the job site, cordless equipment means no trip hazards result from multiple cords strewn across the site and no additional generator needed. And clean upRead More →


We pride ourselves on our customer service which means making sure equipment is where you need it when you need it, fully operational. How do we achieve this? TALISMAN® utilizes telematics technology (or Internet of Things) – the integrated use of telecommunications with information and communications technology – in our equipment. Using this allows us also to be proactive with maintenance and repair, and ultimately helps our customers increase productivity and safety on the job site. Think of the telematics technology as an opportunity to put away your clipboard or notebook on the job site! For example, if equipment is approaching a maintenance event, weRead More →