Have you seen our trucks around town? Our new vehicles allow us to deliver tools and equipment to customers safely, securely and in style. Check out the brand decals – can you count the number of times the TALISMAN® Rental mascot appears in this photo?Read More →


Are you ready to sell your house and want to increase its value? Talisman Rentals has rounded up 6 DIY jobs that will boost the price you may be able to get for your property: 1.)  Paint the Kitchen Cabinetry Upgrading kitchen cabinetry can be quite expensive. However, a couple of coats of paint can make outdated kitchen cabinets look much more modern and cleaner. 2.)  Change the Kitchen Cabinet Handles Swapping out old or generic kitchen cabinet handles can make a kitchen look completely different. Many wholesalers sell kitchen cabinet handles that can fit on both mass-produced as well as custom-made cabinetry. 3.)  ImproveRead More →


This event brings together Atlanta area professionals in real estate, and construction to network, establish connections, share ideas/projects, and promote development. The TALISMAN® Team was in attendance to inform and educate others on the benefits of equipment rental and the cost savings that can be realized in lieu of outright ownership equipment and tool ownership. Proceeds from ticket sales and silent auction benefit local 501c3 non-profit charity Hope thru Soap who provide a mobile shower experience to the less fortunate and homeless in Atlanta.Read More →


Our committed and customer focused employees work tirelessly on the front line and behind the scenes to make sure the TALISMAN® Rentals operation runs smoothly. To recognize their accomplishments, we kicked off the holiday weekend a little early and celebrated Employee Appreciation Day Friday, May 24 with a BBQ cookout.Read More →


Our efforts to make sure TALISMAN® customers have access to the most technologically advanced equipment lead Colin du Plessis to Munich, Germany to attend Bauma 2019 – the world’s largest trade show for the building industry. The event, which occurs every three years, attracted more than 620,000 building and construction experts from 63 countries to learn more about state-of-the-art technology. The focal point of this year’s event was sustainable and digital solutions. Sensors and communication interfaces that collect and analyze data have become standard equipment. Overall, machines and vehicles are becoming cleaner, quieter and more efficient. Many now have electric and hybrid drive systemsRead More →