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TALISMAN Rentals, a subsidiary of the TALISMAN Group, is a leading provider of compact rental equipment and tools to the General Contractor’s, Professional Contractor’s, and DIY markets. TALISMAN Rentals, a member of the American Rental Association since 2012, is renowned for providing quality equipment, service excellence by passionate people, competitive pricing, and quick deliveries to meet construction and maintenance deadlines. 
Colin du Plessis started Talisman Hire in South Africa in 1993, after working in the rental industry for 10 years. After successfully launching his first store, he started growing the brand through franchising in 1997, leading to one of the most successful equipment rental franchises with more than 100 franchised stores. In 2017 Jaco du Plessis and Colin decided to enter the US market with the acquisition of Advanced Rental Center in Canton, GA and rebranded the business to Talisman Rentals.