Construction dust is a serious hazard to health. Using equipment, like saws, grinders, drills and jackhammers as well as larger construction equipment to cut, drill and crush materials like sand, stone, concrete and brick releases silica dust into the air. To address the associated health risks the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) began enforcing new respirable crystalline silica standards over the past two years. Even seemingly small amounts of exposure compounded over the course of one’s lifetime can lead to high levels of respiratory disease including lung cancer, silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, eye irritation, and allergic reaction. In fact, dust particlesRead More →

According to the recent American Rental Association Customer Needs Study (2019), 93% of professional contractors rented in the last year. While 52% of the same customers expect to increase their reliance on rental as opposed to buying equipment. According to the study, contractors rent for the following reasons: ·  Made more financial sense  – 45% ·  Needed for immediate use and did not want to buy  – 43% ·  Infrequent and short time frame usage – 43% ·  Convenient rental store location – 29% ·  Strong relationship with the rental store – 29% ·  Did not have space for the equipment – 28% ·  Avoid large capital expense and maintenance headaches –Read More →

On a deadline and in need of equipment for a large project, our customer of the month, Carroll Daniel Construction tapped into our array of rental equipment to complete the construction of a new gymnasium and performing arts center building at Harrison High School in Kennesaw, GA.From renting telehandlers to street sweepers; jackhammers and cut-off saws, Chris Robinson of Carroll Daniel Construction relied on Talisman Rentals to help hit the first day of school deadline for completion. When asked why he chose Talisman Rentals for this large project, he commented, “They are as good as they come. Everything is top-notch, and the equipment is brandRead More →

The B. Green Landscape Group is a full-service landscaping company offering personalized design, installation, and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties in the North Atlanta Metro area. Brandon’s first choice for rental equipment is Talisman Rentals because, “I find the interaction with the staff to be very enjoyable and there is a wide range of equipment to choose from, which is always available when I need it – essential during peak season.” We appreciate B. Green Landscaping Group’s business and remind all of our customers that we have locations in both Marietta and Canton, GA, to serve their needs.Read More →

Not all drills are the same. And, depending upon the job at hand, there are various options to choose from. For the sake of saving money always consider renting, especially if you plan to use the equipment less frequently. So, what is the difference between a hammer and an impact drill? Take a quick look at this handy overview: Rotary Drill Let’s get down to the basics. A rotary drill is a standard corded drill with a rotating chuck. It can be used for drilling of light wood, steel, and alloy. This type of drill has a higher rotational speed than percussion drills and hammer drills andRead More →

Len Malagon of Talisman Rentals recently attended a workshop presented by the ARA of Georgia in conjunction with Yancey Rents on the new ANSI A92.2 standards for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs). The workshop focused on requirements for owners and operators of MEWPs like scissor- and boom lifts. Ensuring that supervisors and managers are sufficiently trained on the regulations, selection, and safe operation of the MEWPs is essential for rental companies. We thank the ARA of Georgia and Yancy for organizing this event.Read More →

Summer is in full swing and the time is now to enjoy your pool with family or entertaining friends – or to consider building one at your home. Our customer of the month, RJ Pools is the leading pool and plumbing contractor in the Canton area. They choose to rent exclusively from Talisman Rentals for many reasons, but most importantly for the customer service and availability of equipment when they need it and where they need it. “As you can imagine, building a pool takes a diverse line up of equipment, and Talisman has what I need. Everyone I work with is knowledgeable about theRead More →

Our team in Canton recently helped the Cherokee Warriors baseball team complete the building of their new field with some much-needed equipment. We are excited to play a small part in the development of this beautiful new stadium and wish the Warriors the best! Pictured from left: Chris Hulsey of Talisman and David Blaylock, Assistant Varsity Coach of the Cherokee Warriors Baseball team.Read More →

Are you ready to sell your house and want to increase its value? Talisman Rentals has rounded up 6 DIY jobs that will boost the price you may be able to get for your property: 1.)  Paint the Kitchen Cabinetry Upgrading kitchen cabinetry can be quite expensive. However, a couple of coats of paint can make outdated kitchen cabinets look much more modern and cleaner. 2.)  Change the Kitchen Cabinet Handles Swapping out old or generic kitchen cabinet handles can make a kitchen look completely different. Many wholesalers sell kitchen cabinet handles that can fit on both mass-produced as well as custom-made cabinetry. 3.)  ImproveRead More →