Be Wise- Sanitize!

April 28, 2020

Disinfecting the workplaceDisinfecting the workplace and our home has never been more critical than today. There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is when visible dirt, dust, and debris are removed from a surface or object. More important today is eliminating germs and bacteria through the process of sanitation and disinfection.

In general, a solution that contains 70% alcohol or bleach is adequate to provide enough sanitation, and right now, it is imperative to establish a sanitation routine. In conjunction with social distancing protocols, regular disinfection of shared objects such as door handles, counters, shared equipment, and spaces or elevator buttons are necessary disinfecting protocols.

Practice the one-way wipe down. Contrary to widespread practice, wiping down a surface in a circular motion or back and forth redeposits the germs you just wiped up. Instead, wipe down continuously touched surfaces in one direction.

Hand washing is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting sick—supplement soap and water with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Clean your cellphone! According to dscout, we touch our phones, on average, about 2,617 times a day. Disinfecting wipes specifically made for electronic devices are useful to clean your phone at least once a day. Disinfecting other “personal areas” such as computer keyboards, vehicle instrumentation panels, purses, and backpacks will also help prevent the spread of germs and viruses like Covid-19.

If you need to rent equipment, please contact your local Talisman Store and find out how we can help you during these challenging times.