Found Time: Make the Best of Social Distancing!

March 30, 2020

Social DistancingSocial distancing giving you the blues? Almost overnight, we have become a world of temporary social introverts. How can we make the best use of time during this temporary and important moment in history? Read on for a few ideas:

Get Creative – Build, fix or improve something at home. Use this time to lose yourself in that DIY project that you just have not been able to get to. Whether it’s food, art, music, or construction, everyone has their expression of creativity. This helps pass the time and keeps our minds off the chaos. Have some boxes lying around the house? Let the kids help you put together a playhouse on which they can draw doors and windows using crayons. Try your hand at that new recipe. Discover new music. Marie made the best of her time at home by building this cool dollhouse from old shoe boxes– with Mom’s help.

Establish a Routine – If you are working at home for the very first time and have kids home from school, it’s essential to establish a routine.  Eat regular meals at regular intervals. Work with the kids on school projects and a new schedule.

Catch up on Sleep – With less activity outside the home, now is the time to catch up on your sleep. NASA scientists carefully study astronauts’ sleep patterns when they are in space. They have found that quality of sleep relates to cognition, mood, and interpersonal relations which are all essential to getting through a mission in space or isolation at home. Allocate the time you used to spend getting ready for the day and commuting as a found time for sleep.

Get in Touch with Nature – Whether it’s reading a book outside, tackling a project in your yard, or going for a hike, take this time to connect with nature and escape the four walls of your home. Research has shown that spending time in nature is beneficial to our mental and physical health. Just be sure to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Take Time to Connect – in creative new ways. Play cards with your partner or organize an indoor scavenger hunt with the kids. Utilize technology and connect with friends for a happy hour via video chat.

And finally, if you are isolating alone and it gets too much – watch “The Martian,” and you will feel better.