Cut the Cord with New Battery Technology

March 20, 2019

New Battery Technology

Recently, TALISMAN® Rentals attended ARA’s Rental show with an eye toward what’s new and different in the tool rental industry. This year we noticed a definite increase in the number of cordless power equipment exhibitors due to new and improved lithium-ion battery technology. This has created a diverse offering of long-lasting and long running tools that often can compete with the power corded tools.

There is a safety element to cordless power equipment that is not always obvious. While on the job site, cordless equipment means no trip hazards result from multiple cords strewn across the site and no additional generator needed. And clean up at the end of the day is a breeze; just pack up the gear and go with no need to unravel yards of tangled cord.

Benefits of battery powered equipment include:

·  Light weight

·  Ideal for indoor work

·  Safe for work on scaffolding and ladders

·  Low noise

·  Eco-friendly

·  Work in remote areas without needing access to power

Of the powered equipment noted at the ARA Rental show, TALISMAN® currently carries a Makita battery-powered chain saw and a Hilti high-performance TE60 Rotary Hammer. Jaco du Plessis, President of TALISMAN® Rentals, noted, “We’re interested in battery-powered equipment because they are ideal for indoor applications, easy-to-use, powerful, low in maintenance and very convenient for the customer. We just send along two batteries, and with chains saws, for example, there’s no gasoline to handle, and starting is as easy as pushing a button. And, once our customers get to use the product, they grow to appreciate the convenience and power behind the cordless equipment.”

As battery technology improves, TALISMAN® plans to offer additional cordless options that are appropriate for the work at hand. In the meantime, consider “cutting the cord” on your job site to increase safety and convenience by speaking to a TALISMAN® representative about available cordless power equipment options now available.