Getting Smart with Your Home Renovation Budget


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Whether you are remodeling for a change of lifestyle, due to deterioration or finally have the time to turn the unfinished basement into the party room of your dreams, there are a few smart tactics to master your home renovation budget to finish on time with money in the bank.

Stick to Your Budget

Before you begin to work on your home, identify the dollar amount you are willing to allocate before you start to make design choices. This will help you shop for fixtures and materials before the start of the job, as well as give you a sense of what will work for your budget.

Reuse Materials

If it is a kitchen renovation project, consider reusing the cabinetry and appliances. You can save a lot of money by refacing the doors or paint and adorn them with new hardware. The same is true in the bathroom. Can you reuse the existing tub, sinks, and toilets only spending money on paint, tile, and faucets? Also, visit your local architectural salvage outlets, consignment shops, and Habitat for Humanity ReStores for gently used materials that can be incorporated into a renovation to give the finished look a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Sell What You are Not Using

Add a little money back into your renovation budget by selling light fixtures, mirrors, sinks, or appliances that do not fit in with the design scheme of the renovation.  As they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” And the little bit of extra cash could help to finance the unplanned renovation purchase or the pizza to feed hungry friends who come over to help with demolition.

Rent Tools

Once you have reviewed your budget and identified what materials can be salvaged, inventory your arsenal of tools. Home renovations require tools that may be beyond the basic screwdriver, drill, and saw. If you need a tool, you think you might only use during a renovation, renting it may be a better option than laying out your hard-earned cash for a circular saw or scaffolding you may never use again.  Some projects require expensive tools and you may need assistance with the correct application.  This will be right to talk to your local rental store.

Enlist Help When Needed

Talk to your local hardware or tool rental store about using the right tool for the job. Do you have friends who have a knack for painting or have laid tile in the past? Identify the tasks that are outside your wheelhouse and trade professional services to get the job done on budget and in time. However, if the job requires permitting and a licensed professional, work your network and interview the service provider prior to the start of the task.

Talisman Rentals is here to help. Whether you need a ladder, pressure washer, hammer drill or reciprocating saw, we offer a wide range of quality equipment, prices to suit your budget, and quick deliveries to meet your deadlines. If you are planning your next home renovation project, give us a call to find out how we can help.