Hammer Drill or Impact Drill – What’s Best for Your Project?

July 30, 2019

 Hammer Drill or Impact Drill - What's Best for Your Project?

Not all drills are the same. And, depending upon the job at hand, there are various options to choose from. For the sake of saving money always consider renting, especially if you plan to use the equipment less frequently. So, what is the difference between a hammer and an impact drill? Take a quick look at this handy overview:

Rotary Drill

Let’s get down to the basics. A rotary drill is a standard corded drill with a rotating chuck. It can be used for drilling of light wood, steel, and alloy. This type of drill has a higher rotational speed than percussion drills and hammer drills and are found in a craftsman or DIYer’s toolbox.

Hammer Drill

A hammer drill has a hammering action in addition to its rotation. This type of drill rotates slightly slower, and the hammering action means that less rotational speed is needed to drive the bit into the surface. Some models offer the best of both worlds with a regular rotation and hammer setting.

Hammer drills are suited to heavy-duty tasks, such as in jobs where concrete or masonry are involved. Chisel bits can be added to the chuck to help break up or remove chunks of stone, concrete, and masonry, as with a jackhammer.

Impact Drill

An impact drill is essentially a lightweight hammer drill. The main difference between the two is that the hammer action is initiated by the rotation of the chuck on a hammer drill, which means it won’t operate without the rotational function.

Suited to medium-duty tasks, impact drills are useful when drilling into semi-hard substances such as limestone or light concrete. They can also be used for general DIY. Keep in mind, though; they are somewhat slower than standard rotary drills.

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