Six Fall/Winter Lawn and Garden Tips for Georgia

October 25, 2019

Fall Lawn Care GANorth Georgia’s long hot summer has finally come to an end, and it’s time to turn attention to prepping the lawn and garden for Fall. Cooler temperatures and dryer air will surely make these six essential tasks rather enjoyable:

  1. Remove leaves

Did you know that leaving too much debris on your lawn and garden can lead to bacteria and disease and even suffocate your grass? Now is the time to remove all organic debris from your landscaping, such as leaves, pine needles, fallen branches, etc. This will allow the grass and garden to soak up vital nutrients from the little sun they receive.

  1. Aerate

Give your lawn some breathing room as it transitions into the cold season – aerate it now. Fall aeration allows it the lawn to come back quickly in the spring and breaks up the dry compacted soil allowing nutrients to reach the roots.

  1. Trim Perennials

Once the first hard frost has occurred, cut back perennials within an inch or two of the ground for healthy, vigorous growth next year. While you are at it, add mulch, hay, or pine straw to the area to protect the plants during the winter months.

  1. Plant now for later

The cooler months are an optimal time to plant bushes and trees. The cooler weather allows the plants to get used to their new home before the heat of the Georgia summer descends.

  1. Mulch

Mulching in the Fall insulates the soil and plant roots and moderates the temperature swing that can wreak havoc on the top few inches of soil, including plant roots.

  1. Drainage

Does a soggy yard have you and the pets tramping muddy footprints into the house? Address your yard’s drainage problem before the spring rains set in. One immediate and simple solution is to extend downspouts away from the house. Another more involved strategy may be to install a French Drain. Consult a landscaping company to help with this as a digger-trencher, and some manpower will be needed.

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