TALISMAN® Rentals Launches New Website

March 18, 2021


Contact: Jaco du Plessis

Phone: 800-286-6341

Email: Jaco@talismanrentals.com

TALISMAN® Rentals Launches New Website

TALISMAN® Rentals recently launched a new website, focused on providing ease of use across web and mobile platforms to customers and users. Starting on March 12, 2021, customers will have access to a user friendly, updated website where you can view equipment, request rentals, and connect with stores and team members.

Jaco du Plessis, President of TALISMAN® Rentals, says “Our new website was developed with our customers in mind. A company wide consistent design with features to find equipment and rental locations easily, sets the foundation for future development of seamless online rentals and customer service. Renting equipment makes sense and provides high value to consumers. Our new web site is another component which in combination with our franchised rental stores, rewards program and other technology initiatives provide our customers with a great rental experience.”

TALISMAN® Rentals, a subsidiary of the TALISMAN® Group (established in 1993), is a leading provider of compact rental equipment and tools to the General Contractor’s, Professional Contractor’s, and DIY markets. TALISMAN® Rentals, a member of the American Rental Association since 2012, is renowned for providing quality equipment, service excellence by passionate people, competitive pricing, and quick deliveries to meet construction and maintenance deadlines.