TALISMAN® Rentals Launches Flat-Rate Rental Program

October 13, 2021

TALISMAN Rentals Launches Flat-Rate Rental Program



Contact: Jaco du Plessis

Phone: 800-286-6341

Email: Jaco@talismanrentals.com


TALISMAN® Rentals Launches Flat-Rate Rental Program

TX-Express allows you to rent and exchange small tools for a fixed monthly rate.

TALISMAN® Rentals launched a monthly flat-rate rental program called “TX-Express”, which is part of its ease of doing business initiative. Starting in October 2021, customers will be able to sign up for TX-Express. This rental program allows the use and exchange of a wide range of handheld tools for a monthly flat fee.

“The TX-Express flat-rate rental program is a TALISMAN® innovation adding value and flexibility to our tool rental offering,” said Jaco du Plessis, President of TALISMAN® Rentals. Renting equipment makes sense and provides high value to consumers who prefer to rent quality equipment at affordable prices. With the new TX-Express flat-rate rental program, we increase the value proposition of rental. That’s why we say: “Pay less with TX-Express”

To learn more about TX-Express please contact one of our stores in Canton or Marietta, Georgia.

TALISMAN® Rentals, a subsidiary of the TALISMAN® Group (established in 1993), is a leading provider of compact rental equipment and tools to the General Contractor’s, Professional Contractor’s, and DIY markets. TALISMAN® Rentals, a member of the American Rental Association since 2012, is renowned for providing quality equipment, service excellence by passionate people, competitive pricing, and quick deliveries to meet construction and maintenance deadlines.