Which Trencher is Right for You

June 10, 2021

Which Trencher is Right for You

Knowing which Trencher to choose is important to ensure your project is a success. Rental Magazine recently published an informative article on criteria to keep in mind when choosing a trencher. Below are some highlights:

Proper protective equipment to keep you safe on the job and calling 811 before you dig to determine utility line locations is essential.

Maneuverability is important. What kind of space are you working in? Walk-behind trenchers are more maneuverable in tight spaces than full sized trenchers. Stand-on Skid Steers have various interchangeable attachments.

Job Site Knowledge
The scope of your project will help determine the need for a Walk-behind Trencher or a Stand-on Skid Steer, whether it’s shoveling dirt, simple digging, cutting rock or installing various pipe sizes. Pay attention to the soil type. Dry or loose soil will require a less aggressive chain and less horsepower. Clay or rocky soil requires more horsepower, and possibly a more aggressive chain.

Choosing Tires or Tracks
Semi-pneumatic tires allow for less ground disturbance, while tracks offer more stability and traction.

When to Move Up a Size
The Walk-behind Trencher at 30hp, is capable of 4-feet deep and 6 – 8 inches wide. The Stand-on Skid Steer at 100hp, is faster and offers the versatility of multiple attachments.

Additional Features and Technology
User-friendly controls save time and money, and multiple accessories make the job easier.

To read the full article, click here and don’t forget to contact Talisman Rentals for all your Trencher needs.