This Month: Buddy’s Focus on Safety

December 10, 2019

Focus on SafetyWith Talisman employees delivering equipment to a wide variety of construction sites, it is imperative that they participate in a specific safety regimen.

TALISMAN® Rentals reiterates safety all of the time, in all of our conversations and interactions with our employees. It starts as soon as a new employee comes on board. New employees undergo a two-day training course about proper procedures, including how to operate equipment, what to inspect and an all-over familiarization of the equipment.

The education continues with regularly scheduled training. All of the staff members were trained recently in the new American National Standards Institute’s guidelines for mobile elevating work platforms.

TALISMAN® has a process of checks and balances. It puts everyone’s eyes on the machine and reiterates the process so that everyone — from the counter personnel and the manager to those in the workshop — everybody knows what to look for. This process happens in front of our customers and serves as a continual educational process for everyone. TALISMAN® Rentals uses innovative technology for immediate access to safety information, including Safety Data Sheets, employees can access the company’s online employee portal.

This portal allows our employees to communicate back and forth with each other. They can pull up any Safety Data Sheet and any other material about using our equipment. They can also post any questions they have about the equipment. Once they post it, everyone can see it. Someone can chime in and help them or refer them to where to find what they are looking for.