Why Professional Contractors Choose to Rent

October 04, 2019

Why Contractors Choose to RentAccording to the recent American Rental Association Customer Needs Study (2019), 93% of professional contractors rented in the last year. While 52% of the same customers expect to increase their reliance on rental as opposed to buying equipment. According to the study, contractors rent for the following reasons:

·  Made more financial sense  – 45%

·  Needed for immediate use and did not want to buy  – 43%

·  Infrequent and short time frame usage – 43%

·  Convenient rental store location – 29%

·  Strong relationship with the rental store – 29%

·  Did not have space for the equipment – 28%

·  Avoid large capital expense and maintenance headaches – 27%

·  Need more than current fleet – 25%

·  Could not afford to purchase – 24%

It is clear that contractors prefer to rent because it makes financial and business sense. Professional contractors need a reliable rental partner to get the job done on time and budget.

We asked Jaco du Plessis, President of TALISMAN® Rentals what he has observed about contractors doing business with the company. His observations: “The ARA study is 100% on point in terms of customer behavior. And we are taking note. Our teams maintain equipment and tools the moment they are returned so that they are ready for the next customer who needs them. We offer a wide variety of tools to rent with new additions monthly because we listen to our customers’ needs and wants.”

If you are reading this, most likely you are a professional contractor – and we thank you for your patronage. “Our goal for TALISMAN® Rentals is to stay informed regarding the construction industry demands and offer solutions for our customers,” commented Jaco.  “This study confirms what our customers tell us”

Whether you need a scissor lift, compact excavator, skid steer or small tools, Talisman Rentals offers quality equipment, prices to suit your budget, and quick deliveries to meet your deadlines. So, if you’re planning your next project give us a call to find out how we can help.

For more information on the Independent Consumer Research Study conducted by the ARA please see: