TALISMAN® Rentals Launches Rewards Program

December 11, 2020

TALISMAN® Rentals Launches Rewards Program

Contact: Jaco du Plessis
Phone: 800-286-6341
Email: Jaco@talismanrentals.com

TALISMAN® Rentals Launches Rewards Program

Buddy Points can be redeemed for discounts, free rentals, and more.

TALISMAN® Rentals recently launched a customer rewards program known as “Buddy Points” which is part of its ease of doing business initiative. Starting on December 15, 2020, customers will be issued a Buddy Points card that can be used with every transaction to earn valuable reward points. Once reward levels are reached, the points can be redeemed for discounts, free rentals and more.

“The Buddy Points program is another innovation to thank our loyal customers,” says Jaco du Plessis, President of TALISMAN® Rentals. Renting equipment makes sense and provides high value to consumers who prefer to obtain quality equipment and prices to suit their budget. With the new Buddy Points rewards program, we increase the value proposition of rental, and that is why we say: “When you rent more, you get more!”

To learn more about Buddy Points, please contact one of our stores in Canton or Marietta, Georgia.

TALISMAN® Rentals, a subsidiary of the TALISMAN® Group (established in 1993), is a leading provider of compact rental equipment and tools to the General Contractor’s, Professional Contractor’s, and DIY markets. TALISMAN® Rentals, a member of the American Rental Association since 2012, is renowned for providing quality equipment, service excellence by passionate people, competitive pricing, and quick deliveries to meet construction and maintenance deadlines.