Each year in the United States, more than 500,000 people are treated in emergency rooms and hospitals for ladder-related injuries*. Most of these incidents involve a ladder being used incorrectly or inappropriately. Workers have suffered dislocations, head injuries, and broken bones as a result. People working in construction, retail, and building maintenance are most commonly injured, but anyone using a ladder is at risk. Ignoring ladder safety not only leads to injuries, but it can also cost businesses millions of dollars every year. If a ladder must be used, be sure to avoid electrical hazards and look for overhead power lines before handling the ladder.Read More →


Over the past three decades, Weaver Grading and Hauling has been part of the fast-growing commercial and residential land development industries. Since 1980, the family-owned company has thrived on building strong customer relations and has a reputation for producing high-quality results at a competitive price. Weaver depends on Talisman Rentals for two reasons, says Johnny Cummings, “We like to work with local suppliers and vendors and Talisman is close by plus their people are really nice and easy to work with. The equipment is always in great shape and often we can get what we need the same day, which helps us get the job doneRead More →


This month Buddy is hard at work at a new development at Town Center Mall in Marietta, helping Design Avenue with their new project. The Takeuchi TB240 Compact Excavator with breaker attachment was used to make short work by our customer to demolish thick concrete. Check back next month to see where Buddy – the Man Behind TALISMAN® Rentals may be. He proudly represents the “can-do” attitude of each person who works for us.Read More →